The Seagraves Family

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the Original English Family

All research leads us to believe that the family name originated in and around the village of Seagrave, originally know as Segrave, just north of Leicester in central England. Click the link below to see our discussion of our English origins.



The Seagraves Family Website

Welcome to the Seagraves Family genealogy pages. We encourage all Seagraves descendants to join us in the quest to identify all Seagraves family members in the history of the world.

This site is owned by the Seagraves Study Group. Contributions to our records come from the research of Group leaders and members worldwide.

We invite Seagraves descendants to join the Group and participate in the collection of our ancestral knowledge and stories.

The Group works to trace all spelling variations of the Seagraves surname, such as Cegrave(s), Sagrave(s), Sagrove(s), Seagrave, Seagraves, Seagreave(s), Segreave(s), Seagrove(s), Seegrave(s), Segrave(s), and Segrove(s). All such variations on the site are included using the Seagraves spelling on the theory that they are likely connected in some way and the spelling is likely an artifact of the clerk or scribe who wrote it down. See a more detailed discussion of the spellings of the family name:

American Settlements of the Family

All of the people in this study are almost certainly related in some way to the original de Segrave family first recorded in the Domesday Book or to people who lived in the Village of Seagrave in Leicestershire.

No specific links between the American and European branches of the family have yet been verified, regardless of the on-line speculations to the contrary. We do know from records that the majority of the families in America derive from three initial settlements: