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151 Alice was probably born in Clinton Co., IL. Bartle, Alice Sarah (I1764)
152 Alice was probably married in Denton County, Texas. Family F436
153 Alice was the daughter of the Earl of Arundell. Arundell, Alice de (I6816)
154 Alinine was the daughter of Joe Cephus Reed & Eular B. Rummage. She first married Raymond Bryant Roberts. Reed, Alinine Nellie (I5725)
155 All census recordings of Marshall's age are consistent with him being born about 1808-1809 in Kentucky. Seagraves, Marshall (I6881)
156 All of the records relating to Jonas spell his name as "Jones" Winfield Segraves, including his WW I draft card; however, on his gravestone it is clearly carved as "Jonas". I suspect it was a pronunciation confusion and have decided to keep the Jonas spelling.  Seagraves, Jonas Winfield (I5432)
157 Allen C. was probably born in Rutherford County, TN.  Seagraves, Allen C. (I1417)
158 Alonza died in St. Mary's Hospital in Huntington, WV following an operation. His obituary says that he was "a son of George and Luticia (Williams) Sagraves and was born and reared on the Laurel [River]." Sagraves, Alonza Harrison (I1952)
159 Alonzo was probably born in Wake County, NC.  Seagraves, Alonzo (I1407)
160 Alphonso was probably born in Wake County, NC. Seagraves, Alphonso (I1141)
161 Also buried in the Nelson Cemetery is Louvina Lacy Segraves, born 19 Nov 1816 in Knox Co., TN and died 15 May 1879 in Randolph Co., AR, described as the wife of Vincent and mother of Valentine O., Vincent C., Jr., Jacob, Susan Parallee, Martin Van Buren, Ellen Mary, Millissa Catherine, and Rose. Seagraves, Vincent (I673)
162 Alton was possibly born in California. Seagraves, Alton (I2004)
163 Amanda (Seagraves) Smith died at age 75 in Roanoke, Texas. Seagraves, Amanda Susan (I980)
164 Ambry was the son of John & Hattie Adams. Adams, Ambry Rufus (I6371)
165 Amelia was born 18 October 1891 in Gillespie Co., Texas to Louis KORDZIK and Lina SCHNEIDER, both of Gillespie Co.  Family F348
166 Amelia was born 18 October 1891 in Gillespie Co., Texas to Louis KORDZIK and Lina SCHNEIDER, both of Gillespie Co. She died 7 October 1938 in Fredericksburg, Gillespie Co., Texas and was buried on 8 October in the Fredericksburg Cemetery.  Seagraves, Andrew Washington (I985)
167 An Ancestry tree suggests that this may be James Andrew Segraves with no supporting documentation and that he may have been born in Troup County, Georgia. Seagraves, unknown male (I1212)
168 An note entitled "William Seagroves Occupation" posted 24 July 2008 by jeananjackson101 reads as follows:
"William Segroves was a chair maker and blacksmith who had left North Carolina and met and married Jane C. Bishop in Tennessee. Their children, William, Mary, and Rufus, were born in Tennessee between 1848-52, but by 1856 he had worked his way to Texas plying his crafts. He bought 102 acres in East Texas in December 1868 on the headwaters of the Angelina River, and bought and sold land during the Reconstruction Period and Texas' re-admittance to the Union in 1870 through 1873, signing with his "X" mark (being unable to write his name). But by 1880, his sons, John & Jack, were boarding with John and Susan Smith and their daughter, Darby, next to the homestead of William Fitch. His daughter, Mary, had married William Flanagan who had emigrated from ireland, and they moved to Rusk County, Texas, taking charge of her sisters, Rebecca (17) and Naomi (9), and brother Isaac (15). William and Jane had moved on."
That paragraph is said to be "From the Story of our Ancestors, compiled by Rita Kelly - Chapter 4, p 15. 1980? 
Seagraves, William (I6111)
169 an Indenture was entered into between Charity Parish & William Parish & Celia Segraves and Charles Segraves that for the sum of $50 paid to Charles Segraves, the parties of the 1st part:
"hath granted, bargained and sold unto the said Charles Segraves?all our right as heirs & all & the only heirs of Michael Segraves dec'd our right to the said Charles, the eldest brother heir also of S'd Michael dec'd to one hundred and sixty acres of land, being the North East quarter of Section Seven of Township four South, in Range four West. In the Tract appropriated for Military Bounty in the Territory of Arkansas. Agreeably to the Original Patent iss'd from the United States to the s'd Charles & us the other heirs at law for the services of the s?d Michael ---- our Brother we being all & the only heirs an(?) with all the appurtenances, privileges and commodities to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining."
In witness whereof the said Charity, William & Celia hath herewith set their hand and seals the day & year above written
Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of
Richard Smith (Jurat) Charity (X) Parish
John Buffelow Wm (X) Parish
Allen Adams Celia (X) Segraves
Alexander Smith
Wake County May Term 1824
The within Deed was in open Court duly proved by the oath of Richard Smith a witness thereto and ordered to be Registered.
B. S. King, Clerk
Registered in the Register?s Office of Wake County in Book No. 6 and page 9 & 10 the 3d day of June, A.D. 1824.
R. Smith, Regr.

My interpretation of the above indenture is that Charity (Segraves) Parish, Celia Segraves, Charles Segraves and Michael Segraves were siblings and based on the relationship with Charity Parish on the 1850 census, that John Seagraves was their father.
Seagraves, John (I660)
170 Anderson and Mary probably married in New Jersey. Family F650
171 Andrew and Lavinia were probably married in Delaware. Family F677
172 Andrew was possibly born in Wilson County, TN. Seagraves, Andrew Blythe (I1413)
173 Andrew, Sr. is not at Lawn Croft Cemetery, Linwood, Delaware Co., PA on or on He is not listed either as Andrew or as Seagraves on either site, or as Seagraves in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware. Seagraves, Andrew Francis Sr. (I2167)
174 Andrew, to be on a 1774 tax list was possibly born in the 1750s. Seagraves, Andrew (I2099)
175 Andy died at age 7 months based on a date in the "Family Record" dated 4 September 1933 at Roanoke, Texas and in the Hise Family Bible both in possession of Milton Paul Seagraves. Since he was probably born in Macon Co., TN, it is likely that he died there. Seagraves, Andrew W. (I873)
176 Anna & Joseph were probably married in Macon Co. Tennessee. Family F310
177 Anna may have been born in Wayne Co. or Randolph Co., Indiana since her father was on the 1840 census in Wayne Co. and on the 1850 census in Randolph Co. Seagraves, Anna A. (I1210)
178 Another source lists their marriage date as 1 Jan 1951: Family F1277
179 Anthona and Faye were probably in Lawrence County, Kentucky. Family F743
State of Illinois
County of Clinton
On this Eleventh day of October 1828, before me, the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace for the said county of Clinton personally appeared Jacob Seagraves who, on his oath, declares that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the company commanded by Captain Joseph Rhodes in the ^ State of North Carolina Regiment commanded by Colonel Dickson in the service of the United States; that his name was placed on the pension roll of the State of Tennessee from whence he has lately removed; that he now resides in the State, (District or Territory) of Illinois where he intends to remain, and wishes his pension to be there payable, in future. The following are his reasons for removing from Tennessee to Illinois was that my children was living in the State of Illinois and I wish to be with them.
Jacob X Seagraves
Sworn and subscribed to, before me, Jno M. Harnett, JP
the, day and year aforesaid.
Seagraves, Jacob (I670)
181 Arabelah was described as a "Spinster of Philadelphia" Coole, Arabella (I5945)
182 Ardette was the daughter of Robert & Eliza Sardis. Sarvis, Ardette (I4055)
183 Arizona was born 11 February 1877 and died 13 November 1943 of Bronchi Pneumonia in Hayesville, Macon County, Tennessee. She is buried in Haysville Cemetery, Hayesville, Macon County, Tennessee. Arizona was the daughter of Wash MEADOR and Sarilda HAYES. Hire, Key (I881)
184 Arkansas marriage records do not show this marriage and Michigan marriage records do not cover this period, so the exact date and location cannot be determined. Family F2155
185 Artis & Beulah were probably married in Salem County, New Jersey. Family F769
186 As to his place of birth, only the DAR Patriot Index listing for John Seagraves, son of Francis' daughter Susannah, identifies Francis as his ancestor who came from England. It is not clear how accurate that information might be. If it was based on information directly from the named John Seagraves, it might be based on actual family knowledge, if it is not, it could be distorted in some way. Given Francis' date of birth, he could easily have been born in America since there were thousands of colonists in southern Virginia by the mid-1600s. As with his date of birth, his actual place of birth awaits better information. Segrave, Francis Sr. (I616)
187 As with James' birth date, shows 1 Sep 1928 engraved on his gravestone as opposed to the 10 Apr 1928 listed in "Segraves/Seagraves and Related Families of Northeast Georgia". With no Georgia death record to pin it down, the gravestone seems the most reliable source. Seagraves, James Ernest (I5405)
188 Asa and Bernice were probably married in Illinois. Family F533
189 at 5:00 am Maxie died at age 92 at the Palace Care & Rehabilitation Facility in Red Boiling Springs. Macon County, Tennessee. Seagraves, Maxie Dell (I454)
190 Barnabas was probably born in Wake County, North Carolina since most NC Seagraves families lived in that county before 1810. Seagraves, Barnabas (I733)
191 Based on Alfred's ages shown on the 1850 and 1860 Wake County, North Carolina censuses.  Seagraves, Alfred (I856)
192 Based on her age (64) and birth place (NC) on the 1850 census. Brown, Elizabeth (I718)
193 Based on her age, 23, stated in her obituary in Apr 1919. Catts, Myrtle (I6562)
194 based on information contained in his US Army enlistment papers. Those papers and a later pension claim by his mother, indicate that Thomas was a son of Samuel and Mary Seagraves who had lived in Botetourt Co. and moved to Warren Co., Kentucky about 1805. Seagraves, Thomas (I651)
195 Based on information on the 1930 and 1940 censuses and "Ohio Deaths, 1908-2007" on Sagraves, Arthona (I2376)
196 Based on the 1830 Wake County, North Carolina census which shows two female children in Isham's household under 5 years old. One would be Sarah, born in 1827.  Seagraves, unknown female (I852)
197 Based on the 1840 Wake County, North Carolina census which shows one female child in Isham's household under 5 years old.  Seagraves, unknown female (I855)
198 Based on the 1840 Wake County, North Carolina census which shows two male children in Isham's household under 5 years old. One would be Alfred, born about 1837.  Seagraves, unknown male (I854)
199 Based on the date of his will and the date it was proved, it is reasonable to assume that Francis died in late 1726 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. No marked burial site has yet been found for Francis in Isle of Wight County. Segrave, Francis Sr. (I616)
200 Based on the dates of birth of their children ( William B. was born about 1843) I have estimated the marriage date as 1842. Family F2360

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