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5501 Thomas' North Carolina death certificate shows that he died at age 20 as a result of injuries in a car accident as the "car ran off the roadway and the automobile turned over" and that he was never married. Seagraves, Thomas Gordon (I5862)
5502 Three other sources show his birth year as 1925: Seagraves, Clifford Conwell (I2528)
5503 Thursday, 1 Feb 1810 an obituary for Randolph Seagrove appeared in the Raleigh, North Carolina Star newspaper on page 19, col. 4 that read: "In the year 1799 Mr. Seagrove enlisted as a common soldier, under Capt. Maurice Moore, who entered him as a student in the University, and afterwards aided him in establishing himself in the mercantile business." Seagrove, Randolph (I704)
5504 Tim was born at 4:17 am at Flow Memorial Hospital in Denton, Texas. Seagraves, Timothy Joseph (I218)
5505 To the Hon'l Brice M. Moore probate Judge of the County of Lawrence, Sitting at Lawrenceburg for said County of Lawrence.
Your petitioners Ruben Segraves, Jepes, Rufus and his wife Lisccia, citizens of the said county of Lawrence, Alfred Swoford and his wife China, Joel Segraves: citizens of the County of Bledsoe in said State, Mathew W. Thompson & his wife Salesa(?), citizens of the county of Henry in said State, John Swoford and his wife Eliza born citizens of the county of Hamilton in said State, and Alfred Segraves a citizen of the county of Giles in said State, against Marlin, Mary, Louisa, Kinchen, James, Martha, Sarah and Jefferson Morrow minor children of Anna Morrow deceased.
Your petitioners would respectfully State and Show that they are the children and heirs at law of Kinchen Segrave deceased and the said minor defendants are the grandchildren of said Kinchen Segraves deceased, being the children of Anna Morrow, one of the children of said Kinchen Segraves deceased.
Your petitioners would further State that their father Kinchen Segraves died in said county of Lawrence intestate on the 28th day of March 1856 leaving at the time of his death his wife Elizabeth Segraves him surviving and also the owner of one hundred and four acres of land lying and being in said county of Lawrence on Saw Creek, and leaving also personal property more than sufficient to pay off and discharge his debts and liabilities. That on the 12th day of September 1856 the said Elizabeth Segraves the widow died in said county of Lawrence. That at the request and as the express wish of their father the said Kinchen Segraves the said Elizabeth Segraves their mother was to have the use and benefit of said land & personal property for and during her natural life, that as before stated She died in September 1856 and that said land descended to your petitioners and said minors as the heirs at law of said Kinchen Segraves deceased.
Your petitioners would further state that the said 104 acres of land cannot be divided between your petitioners without manifest injury as the same would have to be divided in 8 shares and to cut said tract in such small parcels would be manifestly to the injury of your petitioners and said minors that the whole of said tract should be sold together and the proceeds divided that each of your petitioners as the children of said Kinchen Segraves is entitled to 1/8 of the proceeds of said land, and that the said minor defendants as the grandchildren of said Kinchen Segraves are also in right of their mother, Anna Morrow, entitled to 1/8 of the proceeds of said tract of land.
The premises considered your petitioners pray that said minor heirs who reside in the county of Maury and have no regular Guardian would be made parties defendant to this petition and that this court appoint a Guardian ad Litem to answer for said minors and for a copy of this petition and Subpoenas be ?.. as to said minors, requiring them to file their answer by the first Monday in November 1856, and upon hearings that your Honor decrees the sale of said 104 acres of land for the purpose of distribution among those entitled to the same, and such other relief as the nature of this application may require, and as in duty bound we pray to.
R. Hebose, Sol.
Seagraves, Kinchen (I717)
5506 To the Sheriff of Wilson County: Greetings - In the case of Marion B. Kittrell re Samuel T. Seagraves et al pending in the Chancery court at Lebanon, the death of defendant Samuel T. Seagraves was suggested and admitted at the April Term 1867 of said court, and (plaintiff) was directed to issue to revise said suit against the widow and heirs at law of said def. Seagraves returnable to next term and it appearing that Sallie Seagraves is the widow and that Samuel, Andrew and Kelly Seagraves are the heirs at law of Def. Seagraves...."  Seagraves, Samuel Tilman (I114)
5507 Tom probably died in Wake County, North Carolina. Seagraves, Thomas Jefferson (I2327)
5508 Tom's death certificate lists his cause of death as "septicemia", apparently as a result of a foot injury in a football game. McLean, Thomas Lilburn Jr. (I6926)
5509 Tombstone inscription: "Lost in airline accident over the Gulf of Mexico" Seagraves, Sherrod Edward Jr. (I6593)
5510 Tommie's maiden name was Dinning.  Braswell, Tommie Elizabeth (I1554)
5511 Tony was born 3 February 1893 in Pennsylvania to Louis and Alice (Pangonis) Racine and died 17 March 1968 in Harrisburg, Saline County, Illinois. Seagraves, Bernice (I1735)
5512 Tony was born 3 February 1893 in Pennsylvania to Louis and Alice (Pangonis) Racine. Racine, Anthony Boyd (I1755)
5513 Transcription error- page skip. Family of Joseph H. & Edie Sagraves which carries over from page 16 attached to Sherman & Dorcie Adams from bottom of same page. The Adams had a daughter, Maxine, shown at the top of page 17.
This listing reflects the correct sequence of Sagraves people on those pages of the 1920 census.  
Sagraves, George Britt (I5837)
5514 Tutt possibly died in Davidson County, Tennessee. Hire, Tutt (I915)
5515 Tutt was probably born in Macon County, Tennessee. Hire, Tutt (I915)
5516 Two newspaper articles about the death of Myrtle Catts Seagraves describe her funeral services at the Delaware City Methodist Episcopal Church on Sunday, May 3rd, 1919. The Wilmington, DE Morning News says interment will be in the "local cemetery"; the Wilmington News Journal says interment will be at Delaware City cemetery. does not list her at either place or anyone by that name buried in Delaware. 
Catts, Myrtle (I6562)
5517 Unknown dates or locations prior to 1910 Mabel married and divorced a 1st husband according to her 1910 census listing. McKinney, William Carroll (I1084)
5518 US Social Security Applications & Claims Index gives the birth date of Dorse Lee Sagraves as 3 Aug 1928, however, Ohio Deaths, 1908-1932, 1938-2007 shows 3 Aug 1929 as does his listing on the US Public Records Index, Vol 1. His gravestone on says he was born in 1929 and his age on the 1930 census is given as 8 months which implies an August 1929 birth. All considered, without a specific birth record, I believe the 3 Aug 1929 date is most likely correct.
Besides, the Ohio Birth Index, 1908-1964, shows the birth of a "Jack" Sagraves to a Brice Sagraves on 3 Aug 1929. I believe that this Jack was the original name given for Dorse at his birth. 
Sagraves, Dorse Lee (I5662)
5519 US Veterans Gravesites, 1775-2006 shows Martin's birth date as 2 Jul 1929 but his US Social Security Applications and Claims Index shows 4 Jul 1929. Both agree on his death date of 18 Nov 1998. Seagraves, Martin Eugene (I4259)
5520 US Veterans Gravesites, 1775-2006 shows that Martin was buried in Caseville Township Cemetery in Caseville, Huron County, Michigan, but there is no such listing on nor any record of his burial in West Virginia or Ohio. Seagraves, Martin Eugene (I4259)
5521 Valeah probably died in Indianapolis, Indiana. Meador, Valeah M. (I943)
5522 Valentine was probably born in Lawrence County, Arkansas.  Seagraves, Valentine O. (I794)
5523 Various sources do not agree on where Bennett was born: possibly in Wake County, North Carolina or in Georgia. The 1850 and 1860 censuses for Bond County, Illinois both show him as born in North Carolina. Seagraves, Bennett (I674)
5524 Vernon died of a shotgun wound to the abdomen at age 40. Seagraves, Vernon Gray (I4067)
5525 Vester & Merton were probably married in Macon County, Tennessee. Family F197
5526 Victoria was born in Baptist Hospital in Nashville. Seagraves, Victoria Laura (I6934)
5527 Vincent and Lucy were probably married in Lawrence County, Arkansas. Family F251
5528 Vincent Segraves was born, a son of Jacob Segraves, possibly in Wake County, North Carolina. His 1814 Army enlistment papers show him as age 23 which suggests he was born in 1790 if the April date for his birth is correct. His brother, Bennett Seagraves, has a birth date of July 1791 and the 1790 census shows his father, Jacob Segraves in Wake County, North Carolina with two sons under 16, who are possibly Isaac, born about 1785, and Vincent, born in 1788. On the strength of his tombstone date and his possible age on the 1790 census, I have determined to use the 1788 year of birth. The "Family Data Collection-Births" reports that Vincent was the son of Jacob Segraves and Priscilla Strickland, born on 24 April 1788 in Mars Hill, Madison County, North Carolina, Mars Hill is in far western North Carolina, just north of Asheville, about 150 miles from Wake County. As described below Vincent gave his place of birth as Wake County, North Carolina when he enlisted in the Army in 1814 and his father, Jacob was on the 1790 census in Wake County, so, without further support for the Madison County birth location it is not considered a likely possibility. Seagraves, Vincent (I673)
5529 Vincent's entry and the 1860 census give his name as Vincent C., but his actual gravestone and other sources do not. The 1910 census records a middle initial that appears to read "T." Since the earliest recordings of his surname are "Graves", it is likely that the scribe was hearing Segraves but thinking that the Se part was a middle initial. It is possible that his father, who is frequently shown as born in South Carolina, may in fact have been a Graves with a middle initial "C." and as actual Segraves and Seagraves moved into Arkansas from Tennessee, their family began to adopt that spelling, dropping the initial. The records are not clear enough on that point, but do not support using a middle initial for either man. Seagraves, Vincent Jr. (I795)
5530 Virginia Marriage Records, 1936-2014 show Lucille's parents as J. C. Huffman and Effie Church. Huffman, Lucille M. (I2422)
5531 Virginia was possibly born in Montgomery County, North Carolina since her father, Daniel, is recorded on the 1800 census for Montgomery County.  Seagraves, Virginia (I702)
5532 Virginia was possibly born in Pike County, Georgia since her parents are recorded there on the 1840 census. Seagraves, Virginia Ann Frances (I1145)
5533 Vivian was born to Robert Emerson Pearson and Opal C. Penley. Pearson, Vivian Alta (I5007)
5534 Vivian's family was on the 1920 census in Marshall County, Illinois, so it is likely that she was born there. Seagraves, Vivian (I1797)
5535 Wallace & Priscilla were possibly married in San Diego, San Diego County, California, probably in 1941. Family F476
5536 Wallace was probably born in Maricopa County, Arizona. Bell, Wallace (I1568)
5537 Walter & Bertha were probably married in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. Family F338
5538 Walter died at age 37 as a factory worker. Seagraves, Walter Clark (I5775)
5539 Watson Alexander was probably born in Rowan County, North Carolina.  Seagraves, Watson Alexander (I1165)
5540 Waymon "never married". Seagraves, Waymon (I6321)
5541 Waymon was a twin to Lou Frances. Seagraves, Waymon (I6321)
5542 We have no confirmation or proof that this Sarah is the woman listed on Clarence P. Seagreaves death certificate as his mother, but she is the only Sarah Blank we have discovered in Lehigh County, PA of the right age to possibly be the same person. If she was 11 in 1870 she would have been 22 when Clarence was born in 1881.
More research on this family is required to establish proof of these relationships. 
Blank, Sarah S. (I6939)
5543 We have not discovered a marriage record for George Seagrove and Elsa Wilhelmina Dorothea Schulz anywhere in the 1920s. However certain Ancestry family trees claim they were married and that she is the Elsa D. Seagrave, age 45, born in Germany listed as the wife of George A. Seagrave on the 1930 census in San Antonio, Texas. That census records her immigration year as 1910 which almost matches the listing for Elsa Wilhelmina Dorothea Schulz in the U.S. Naturalization Record Indexes, 1791-1992 on which gives her birth date as 2 Jan 1884 in Germany and her year of arrival as 1907. An Elsa L. Seagrove, born in 1884,died in 1961, is buried in the Spring Lake Cemetery in Spring Lake, Ottawa County, Michigan near the grave of George A. Seagrove. Schulz, Elsa Wilhelmina Dorothea (I6977)
5544 Wesley was probably born in Wake County, North Carolina. Seagraves, Wesley J. (I1133)
5545 When she was born Pawtucket was in Massachusetts. Carter, Abigail (I2491)
5546 Wiley "never married." Seagraves, Willie A. (I1546)
5547 Wiley was born 9 September 1855 on White Oak Branch in Macon County, Tennessee and died at Sentinel, Oklahoma on 6 March 1950. "His father Abraham Eason FREEMAN lived on Katie Hill across the branch from the old Co. Farm" "the Freeman tribe came by ox wagons through Cumberland Gap into Tennessee about 1800." His children were: Mary, married John Gillenwater,"; Hise, who was an officer in the Civil War, wife was Mary Seagraves, daughter of Louis Seagraves near Lafayette; went to Texas in 1882;." Wiley Howell, named for Dr. Wiley Howell, physician of Lafayette,"his wife was Laura Seagraves, sister of Mary." Wiley Howell Freeman taught school at Antioch and near Franklin, Kentucky, before going to Vanderbilt University where he and his brother-in-law graduated in medicine before coming to Roanoke, Texas in 1882." Sam Seagraves and Wiley Howell Freeman practiced medicine over sixty years, "Uncle Wiley" went to the Plains of west Texas in 1900, selling land for forty that cost him ten and investing in land at a dollar up. He later moved to Sentinel, OK having been joined by families of his two brothers, Abe and Joe, in 1900." Wiley died 6 March 1950 and is buried with Laura in the Sentinel Cemetery in Sentinel, Washita County, Oklahoma. Seagraves, Laura S. (I876)
5548 Wiley was probably born in Giles County, Tennessee. Seagraves, Wiley B. (I1225)
5549 Will of Adam Seagrave:
Oct. 27, 1723; Jan. 14, 1723/4
Secretary of State Original Wills, NC 1663-1789

In the name of god amen I Adam Seagrave weaver of North Carolina in the precinct of Corrotuck being very sick and week in body but of perfect mind and memrey thanks be to god for the same Calling to mind the imortallity of my body and knowing it is ordained for all men once to die I give my soule into the hands of god how give it me nothing doughting but all the general Resection but I shall Receive the same again by his infinite goodness and mercy Likewise my body to be buried in a Christane Like Desent maner as for this wourdely goods whare of it hath pleased god to bless me with all I give and Despose in the follering manner
Item I give and bequeave to my well beloved friend John Smith free negrow whome I consecute and apoynt my onely and solelie Excetor of this my Last Will and testement my plantation whereon I live and all my house in goods cow sowes and one Barrow one Red Cowe and Calef one red and whit Stear and one black pide bull and one hores.
Item I give and bequeave to Samson Woodhouse one Black cowe and Calef
Item I give and bequeave to Hezekiah Woodhous one Black heffer
Item I give and bequeave to Maleqoe Winter one grae Corse vest and one Cuntry Cloth vest.
I doe heareby consecute make and ordain John Smith my onley and soley Execetor of this my Last will and testement I doe heare by utterly Desanule Revoke and Deslowe all former wills and Legasies oneing this and noe othere to be my Last will and testment as witness my hand twenty
seaven Day of october 1723

Adam Seagrave

Sined Sealed and Delivered in the presents of us
Henry Woodhouse
Thomas Larry
John Stone

Last will of Adam Seagrave JanĀ?y 1723/4
North Carolina Pro.
Corotuck Prsct.
This will was Proved in open Court ye 14th Day of JanĀ?y Anno Dom 1723/4 By the Oaths of Mr. Henry Woodhouse and Thomas Lerry.
Test Jos. Wicker Clk. Court
Seagrave, Adam (I615)
5550 William & Cathy were probably married in Ohio. Family F147

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