The Seagraves Family

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Ashe County, North Carolina



Latitude: 36.4339674, Longitude: -81.4718387


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barker, Jeromee  Abt 1858Ashe County, North Carolina I2824
2 Barker, Nina Lee  8 Mr 1919Ashe County, North Carolina I6169
3 Blevins, Ella P.  19 Oct 1884Ashe County, North Carolina I2519
4 Blevins, Lura Zella  Abt 1900Ashe County, North Carolina I2225
5 Deboard, Joseph Eugene  30 Aug 1902Ashe County, North Carolina I2894
6 Eller, Goldie  21 May 1894Ashe County, North Carolina I2899
7 Long, Ruby  25 Feb 1910Ashe County, North Carolina I3063
8 Lovelace, Osena  26 Feb 1859Ashe County, North Carolina I2825
9 Powers, Elizabeth Joann  1954Ashe County, North Carolina I2852
10 Royal, Phyllis Ann  20 Jan 1960Ashe County, North Carolina I3671
11 Seagraves, Allan Daryl   I1915
12 Seagraves, Allen Con  7 Jul 1953Ashe County, North Carolina I1916
13 Seagraves, Annella  9 May 1922Ashe County, North Carolina I2901
14 Seagraves, Antone Ward  6 May 1899Ashe County, North Carolina I2218
15 Seagraves, Avery Eugene  10 May 1886Ashe County, North Carolina I2505
16 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland II  27 Apr 1909Ashe County, North Carolina I2520
17 Seagraves, Banner Elwood  15 Apr 1916Ashe County, North Carolina I2524
18 Seagraves, Bradford  13 Sep 1896Ashe County, North Carolina I2935
19 Seagraves, Brenda Sue  13 Jun 1946Ashe County, North Carolina I2848
20 Seagraves, Calvin Andrew  21 Apr 1890Ashe County, North Carolina I2816
21 Seagraves, Calvin Ernest  1 Dec 1916Ashe County, North Carolina I2819
22 Seagraves, Carol Lee  20 Aug 1948Ashe County, North Carolina I2850
23 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  22 May 1876Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
24 Seagraves, Cecil Phillip  26 Feb 1950Ashe County, North Carolina I2851
25 Seagraves, Christopher Darren   I3669
26 Seagraves, Chrystal Lee  10 Feb 1972Ashe County, North Carolina I2856
27 Seagraves, Claire Woodie  26 Oct 1912Ashe County, North Carolina I2522
28 Seagraves, Conley Harold Sr.  29 Nov 1928Ashe County, North Carolina I2231
29 Seagraves, Conley L.  22 Sep 1912Ashe County, North Carolina I3153
30 Seagraves, Cora Ann  27 Oct 1872Ashe County, North Carolina I2812
31 Seagraves, David Horace  Abt 1921Ashe County, North Carolina I2228
32 Seagraves, Dewey Lewin  18 Jun 1898Ashe County, North Carolina I2828
33 Seagraves, Doughton Sr.  10 Oct 1928Ashe County, North Carolina I1527
34 Seagraves, Dudley Parker Sr.  15 Aug 1923Ashe County, North Carolina I2527
35 Seagraves, Edgar Frank  13 Apr 1909Ashe County, North Carolina I4655
36 Seagraves, Elmer Lewis  4 Apr 1924Ashe County, North Carolina I4970
37 Seagraves, Eva  11 Jul 1901Ashe County, North Carolina I3149
38 Seagraves, Garland  16 Jun 1958Ashe County, North Carolina I1877
39 Seagraves, Garnett  16 Jun 1958Ashe County, North Carolina I2053
40 Seagraves, Helen  1922Ashe County, North Carolina I2821
41 Seagraves, Henry Franklin  26 Jun 1914Ashe County, North Carolina I2523
42 Seagraves, Herman Samuel  9 Feb 1911Ashe County, North Carolina I6862
43 Seagraves, Hilda Marie  31 Jan 1928Ashe County, North Carolina I2891
44 Seagraves, James Arthur  17 Jul 1904Ashe County, North Carolina I2830
45 Seagraves, James Earl  18 Jun 1907Ashe County, North Carolina I3151
46 Seagraves, James Ernest  2 Feb 1918Ashe County, North Carolina I2226
47 Seagraves, James Lee  13 Dec 1951Ashe County, North Carolina I2854
48 Seagraves, Janet Mae  28 May 1944Ashe County, North Carolina I2221
49 Seagraves, John Charles  28 May 1933Ashe County, North Carolina I2832
50 Seagraves, John Henry  28 Jul 1868Ashe County, North Carolina I59

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blevins, Ella P.  5 May 1909Ashe County, North Carolina I2519
2 Blevins, Lillie  15 May 1951Ashe County, North Carolina I2234
3 Eller, Russie Wilma  3 Jun 1994Ashe County, North Carolina I2890
4 Long, Ruby  7 Jun 1996Ashe County, North Carolina I3063
5 Lovelace, Osena  7 Mar 1950Ashe County, North Carolina I2825
6 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  15 Nov 1985Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
7 Seagraves, Conley L.  16 Nov 1921Ashe County, North Carolina I3153
8 Seagraves, Helen  1925Ashe County, North Carolina I2821
9 Seagraves, Henry Franklin  3 Apr 1926Ashe County, North Carolina I2523
10 Seagraves, Janet Mae  10 Jan 1946Ashe County, North Carolina I2221
11 Seagraves, Lena Hall  6 Nov 1925Ashe County, North Carolina I2897
12 Seagraves, Lewin Talbot  1 Jul 1924Ashe County, North Carolina  I1357
13 Seagraves, Louvenia  1884Ashe County, North Carolina I19
14 Seagraves, Luther  1887Ashe County, North Carolina I2814
15 Seagraves, Ola Dofas  2 Jul 1922Ashe County, North Carolina I2900
16 Seagraves, R. C.  29 Dec 1924Ashe County, North Carolina I2896
17 Seagraves, Stanley Dale  1 Apr 1946Ashe County, North Carolina I6170


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Bondsman    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Curtis  2 Nov 1828Ashe County, North Carolina I253

Child born

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Child born    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Antone Ward  2 Feb 1918Ashe County, North Carolina I2218
2 Seagraves, Antone Ward  2 May 1919Ashe County, North Carolina I2218
3 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  27 Apr 1909Ashe County, North Carolina I2516
4 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  26 Oct 1912Ashe County, North Carolina I2516
5 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  26 Jun 1914Ashe County, North Carolina I2516
6 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  15 Apr 1916Ashe County, North Carolina  I2516
7 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  26 Nov 1918Ashe County, North Carolina  I2516
8 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  23 Oct 1920Ashe County, North Carolina  I2516
9 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  15 Aug 1923Ashe County, North Carolina  I2516
10 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  22 Sep1912Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
11 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  3 Sep 1894Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
12 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  13 Sep 1896Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
13 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  6 May 1899Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
14 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  11 Jul 1901Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
15 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  15 Nov 1904Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
16 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  18 Jun 1907Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
17 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  17 Mar 1910Ashe County, North Carolina I2233

Death notices

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death notices    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  5 May 1909Ashe County, North Carolina I2516

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  12 Sep 1918Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
2 Seagraves, Cecil Worth  1942Ashe County, North Carolina I2820

Marriage #1

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage #1    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Antone Ward  4 Oct 1917Ashe County, North Carolina I2218
2 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  9 Sep 1908Ashe County, North Carolina I2516
3 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland II  1 Dec 1933Ashe County, North Carolina I2520
4 Seagraves, Calvin Andrew  3 Mar 1928Ashe County, North Carolina I2816
5 Seagraves, Cary Adolphus  20 Aug 1893Ashe County, North Carolina I2233
6 Seagraves, Columbus Franklin  9 Nov 1872Ashe County, North Carolina I1361

Marriage #2

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage #2    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Banner Cleveland  8 Jan 1911Ashe County, North Carolina I2516

Property Event

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property Event    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Curtis  24 Sep 1830Ashe County, North Carolina I253
2 Seagraves, Gilbert  9 Aug 1827Ashe County, North Carolina I85
3 Seagraves, Gilbert  12 Dec 1829Ashe County, North Carolina I85
4 Seagraves, Gilbert  7 Mar 1830Ashe County, North Carolina I85
5 Seagraves, Gilbert  24 Sep 1830Ashe County, North Carolina I85
6 Seagraves, Gilbert  19 Mar 1835Ashe County, North Carolina I85


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Race    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Banner Elwood  15 Apr 1916Ashe County, North Carolina I2524


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Comer / Seagraves  10 Jul 1912Ashe County, North Carolina F946
2 Davis / Seagraves  19 Feb 1966Ashe County, North Carolina F1039
3 Deboard / Seagraves  14 Mar 1926Ashe County, North Carolina F950
4 Seagraves / Barker  16 Mar 1878Ashe County, North Carolina F923
5 Seagraves / Barker  14 Aug 1942Ashe County, North Carolina F2149
6 Seagraves / Blevins  20 Aug 1893Ashe County, North Carolina F691
7 Seagraves / Blevins  9 Sep 1908Ashe County, North Carolina F793
8 Seagraves / Blevins  4 Oct 1917Ashe County, North Carolina F690
9 Seagraves / Duvall  4 Jul 1920Ashe County, North Carolina F939
10 Seagraves / Hall  13 Aug 1924Ashe County, North Carolina F951
11 Seagraves / Hartsoe  7 Nov 1937Ashe County, North Carolina F925
12 Seagraves / Long  3 Mar 1928Ashe County, North Carolina F998
13 Seagraves / Lovelace  22 Jul 1888Ashe County, North Carolina F924
14 Seagraves / McClure  12 Aug 1865Ashe County, North Carolina F682
15 Seagraves / Poe  17 Jun 1966Ashe County, North Carolina F931
16 Seagraves / Powers  16 May 1970Ashe County, North Carolina F933
17 Seagraves / Royal  27 Sep 1980Ashe County, North Carolina F17
18 Seagraves / Sheets  Jul 1965Ashe County, North Carolina F1596
19 Seagraves / Sturgill  1 Dec 1933Ashe County, North Carolina F796
20 Seagraves / Woodie  21 Oct 1912Ashe County, North Carolina F922
21 Seagraves / Woody  8 Mar 1911Ashe County, North Carolina F794
22 Simmons / Seagraves  22 Jun 1964Ashe County, North Carolina F932