The Seagraves Family

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Wilkes County, North Carolina



Latitude: 36.2028580, Longitude: -81.2518833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Church, Violet Chloe  8 Jun 1920Wilkes County, North Carolina I2249
2 Cook, Julia Ann  30 Jun 1867Wilkes County, North Carolina I7173
3 Copley, Lela Viola  29 Mar 1889Wilkes County, North Carolina I5433
4 Creekmore, Louvenia Elizabeth  Abt 1826Wilkes County, North Carolina I1356
5 Gray, Ventral Wilma  3 May 1926Wilkes County, North Carolina I2251
6 Hemric, Lillie Catherine  29 Jan 1870Wilkes County, North Carolina I2543
7 Huffman, Lucille M.  13 May 1917Wilkes County, North Carolina I2422
8 LNU, Mary  Abt 1821Wilkes County, North Carolina I1252
9 Mathis, Cooper Lee  10 Apr 1904Wilkes County, North Carolina I6424
10 Mathis, William Jennings Bryant  25 Mar 1900Wilkes County, North Carolina I3901
11 Perdue, Sarah Sefrona  17 Jan 1863Wilkes County, North Carolina I5430
12 Seagraves, Allene Venia  3 Sep 1905Wilkes County, North Carolina I6857
13 Seagraves, Augusta  31 Dec 1897Wilkes County, North Carolina I4098
14 Seagraves, Banner  6 Jan 1922Wilkes County, North Carolina I2536
15 Seagraves, Barney Pleasant  24 Mar 1908Wilkes County, North Carolina I2541
16 Seagraves, Billy  15 Aug 1941Wilkes County, North Carolina I2717
17 Seagraves, Charlotte Louise  13 Feb 1931Wilkes County, North Carolina I2724
18 Seagraves, Clarence R.  31 Jan 1917Wilkes County, North Carolina I3821
19 Seagraves, Claude Elmer  2 Mar 1918Wilkes County, North Carolina I3896
20 Seagraves, Clyde Thomas  7 Sep 1932Wilkes County, North Carolina I2752
21 Seagraves, Colonel Monte  18 Sep 1909Wilkes County, North Carolina I4097
22 Seagraves, Columbus Franklin  1 Mar 1854Wilkes County, North Carolina I1361
23 Seagraves, Coy Lee  10 Sep 1911Wilkes County, North Carolina I2337
24 Seagraves, Dianna Margaret  30 Mar 1857Wilkes County, North Carolina I1363
25 Seagraves, Effie May  2 Feb 1914Wilkes County, North Carolina I4108
26 Seagraves, Esther Louvenia  25 Feb 1859Wilkes County, North Carolina I1364
27 Seagraves, Fairbanks  13 Aug 1904Wilkes County, North Carolina I1465
28 Seagraves, Fern Janette  14 Dec 1928Wilkes County, North Carolina I2343
29 Seagraves, George William  Mar 1841Wilkes County, North Carolina I1253
30 Seagraves, Howard Russell  1 Apr 1920Wilkes County, North Carolina I2340
31 Seagraves, infant boy  Abt 1894Wilkes County, North Carolina I4099
32 Seagraves, infant boy  Abt 1896Wilkes County, North Carolina I4100
33 Seagraves, infant twins  Abt 1906Wilkes County, North Carolina I4105
34 Seagraves, Israel  10 Mar 1880Wilkes County, North Carolina I1375
35 Seagraves, James Alfred  12 Mar 1910Wilkes County, North Carolina I2722
36 Seagraves, James Calvin  1 Aug 1878Wilkes County, North Carolina I1374
37 Seagraves, John  Abt 1844Wilkes County, North Carolina I1254
38 Seagraves, John  20 Sep 1865Wilkes County, North Carolina I1368
39 Seagraves, John Green  23 Apr 1849Wilkes County, North Carolina I1358
40 Seagraves, Jonas Winfield  1 Mar 1886Wilkes County, North Carolina I5432
41 Seagraves, June Irene  8 Apr 1931Wilkes County, North Carolina I2345
42 Seagraves, Kenneth Harrison  7 Feb 1939Wilkes County, North Carolina I2733
43 Seagraves, Lena Vesta  19 Oct 1906Wilkes County, North Carolina I6349
44 Seagraves, Lewin Talbot  25 Dec 1847Wilkes County, North Carolina I1357
45 Seagraves, Louisa  Abt 1856Wilkes County, North Carolina I1362
46 Seagraves, Lula Elizabeth  9 Aug 1869Wilkes County, North Carolina I1370
47 Seagraves, Maggie Flutiney  22 May 1898Wilkes County, North Carolina I3808
48 Seagraves, Mammie Lucille  25 Jan 1923Wilkes County, North Carolina I2341
49 Seagraves, Martha S.  21 Sep 1867Wilkes County, North Carolina I1369
50 Seagraves, Mary Melinda  25 Sep 1852Wilkes County, North Carolina I1360

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Money, Eliza Jane  12 Feb 1911Wilkes County, North Carolina I1365
2 Seagraves, Augusta  28 May 1898Wilkes County, North Carolina I4098
3 Seagraves, Banner  1 Feb 1922Wilkes County, North Carolina I2536
4 Seagraves, Calvin Andrew  8 Aug 1954Wilkes County, North Carolina I2816
5 Seagraves, Clarence R.  14 Feb 1919Wilkes County, North Carolina I3821
6 Seagraves, infant boy  Abt 1894Wilkes County, North Carolina I4099
7 Seagraves, infant boy  Abt 1896Wilkes County, North Carolina I4100
8 Seagraves, infant twins  Abt 1906Wilkes County, North Carolina I4105
9 Seagraves, Louisa  Abt 1865Wilkes County, North Carolina I1362
10 Seagraves, Mammie Lucille  21 Jun 1936Wilkes County, North Carolina I2341
11 Seagraves, Olive Elizabeth  17 Dec 1928Wilkes County, North Carolina I1359
12 Seagraves, Pleasant Franklin  18 Oct 1944Wilkes County, North Carolina I2542
13 Seagraves, Samuel William  10 May 1946Wilkes County, North Carolina I2338
14 Seagraves, Spencer  28 Feb 1905Wilkes County, North Carolina I4104
15 Seagraves, William  5 Jul 1899Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
16 Seagraves, William Jr.  27 Mar 1925Wilkes County, North Carolina I1366
17 Seagraves, William Coy  24 Sep 1937Wilkes County, North Carolina I2898
18 Staley, Carrie Victoria  18 Jan 1975Wilkes County, North Carolina I2336

1830 census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1830 census    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Britain   I760

1850 census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1850 census    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, George William  1850Wilkes County, North Carolina  I1253
2 Seagraves, John  1850Wilkes County, North Carolina I1254
3 Seagraves, Lewin Talbot  1850Wilkes County, North Carolina I1357
4 Seagraves, Seaborn Sr.  1850Wilkes County, North Carolina  I1251
5 Seagraves, William  1850Wilkes County, North Carolina  I1355

1910 census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1910 census    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Colonel Monte  1910Wilkes County, North Carolina I4097
2 Seagraves, Fairbanks  1910Wilkes County, North Carolina I1465
3 Seagraves, Robert Glenn Sr.  1910Wilkes County, North Carolina I3902


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Bondsman    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Sherrod  4 Aug 1830Wilkes County, North Carolina I1214

Child born

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Child born    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Sherrod  Aug 1832Wilkes County, North Carolina  I1214
2 Seagraves, William  25 Dec 1847Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
3 Seagraves, William  23 Apr 1849Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
4 Seagraves, William  10 Aug 1850Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
5 Seagraves, William  25 Sep 1852Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
6 Seagraves, William  1 Mar 1854Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
7 Seagraves, William  About 1856Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
8 Seagraves, William  30 Mar 1857Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
9 Seagraves, William  25 Feb 1859Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
10 Seagraves, William  3 Mar 1861Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
11 Seagraves, William  28 Oct 1862Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
12 Seagraves, William  20 Sep 1865Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
13 Seagraves, William  21 Sep 1867Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
14 Seagraves, William  9 Aug 1869Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
15 Seagraves, William  10 Apr 1872Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
16 Seagraves, William  19 Apr 1874Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
17 Seagraves, William  5 Mar 1876Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
18 Seagraves, William  1 Aug 1878Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
19 Seagraves, William  10 Mar 1880Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355

Death notices

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death notices    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, William  5 Jul 1899Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355
2 Seagraves, William  12 Feb 1911Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Archie Gilbert  1942Wilkes County, North Carolina I2248
2 Seagraves, Barney Pleasant  1942Wilkes County, North Carolina I2541
3 Seagraves, Coy Lee  1942Wilkes County, North Carolina I2337

Marriage #1

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage #1    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Arthur Garner  30 Dec 1909Wilkes County, North Carolina I2333
2 Seagraves, Arthur Lee  9 Mar 1959Wilkes County, North Carolina I2418
3 Seagraves, Sherrod  6 Oct 1830Wilkes County, North Carolina  I1214
4 Seagraves, William  8 Apr 1847Wilkes County, North Carolina I1355


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Chambers / Seagraves  18 Mar 1923Wilkes County, North Carolina F2468
2 Church / Seagraves  9 Mar 1913Wilkes County, North Carolina F2346
3 Cranor / Seagraves  16 May 1958Wilkes County, North Carolina F699
4 Jennings / Seagraves  22 Dec 1918Wilkes County, North Carolina F2375
5 Mathis / Seagraves  26 Dec 1920Wilkes County, North Carolina F1318
6 Roberts / Seagraves  20 Sep 1922Wilkes County, North Carolina F2376
7 Seagraves /   6 Oct 1830Wilkes County, North Carolina F380
8 Seagraves / Cook  21 Mar 1890Wilkes County, North Carolina F2598
9 Seagraves / Creekmore  8 Apr 1847Wilkes County, North Carolina F414
10 Seagraves / Hemric  27 Apr 1893Wilkes County, North Carolina F1317
11 Seagraves / Huffman  2 Jun 1984Wilkes County, North Carolina F1660
12 Seagraves / Mathis  24 Oct 1923Wilkes County, North Carolina F2272
13 Seagraves / Miller  9 Mar 1959Wilkes County, North Carolina F755
14 Seagraves / Pearson  20 Oct 1968Wilkes County, North Carolina F1661
15 Seagraves / Sparks  22 Mar 1926Wilkes County, North Carolina F2377
16 Seagraves / Staley  30 Dec 1909Wilkes County, North Carolina F730
17 Seagraves / Sturdivant  11 Jan 1930Wilkes County, North Carolina F864
18 Seagraves / Swaim  15 Oct 1887Wilkes County, North Carolina F729
19 Seagraves / Waddell  25 Jan 1907Wilkes County, North Carolina F877
20 Staley / Seagraves  2 Jan 1910Wilkes County, North Carolina F2309


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Seagraves / Hunter  4 May 1964Wilkes County, North Carolina F1659