The Seagraves Family

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Yadkin County, North Carolina



Latitude: 36.2023597, Longitude: -80.6770787


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cheek, Annie Florence  28 Jun 1894Yadkin County, North Carolina I4057
2 Collins, Charles Winfield  10 Sep 1910Yadkin County, North Carolina I2781
3 Collins, John Ellis  1910Yadkin County, North Carolina I2780
4 Seagraves, Ada Victoria  17 May 1896Yadkin County, North Carolina I2334
5 Seagraves, Arthur Garner  10 Jun 1888Yadkin County, North Carolina I2333
6 Seagraves, Beulah Rachel  16 May 1900Yadkin County, North Carolina I6110
7 Seagraves, Claude Eric   I3922
8 Seagraves, Edna Lee  22 Dec 1934Yadkin County, North Carolina I2753
9 Seagraves, Eva Savannah  17 Apr 1892Yadkin County, North Carolina I5635
10 Seagraves, George Wiley  11 Jun 1873Yadkin County, North Carolina I2537
11 Seagraves, Hazel Edith  5 Mar 1919Yadkin County, North Carolina I6868
12 Seagraves, Ina Elizabeth  13 Jul 1916Yadkin County, North Carolina I2778
13 Seagraves, John Henry  27 May 1869Yadkin County, North Carolina I5429
14 Seagraves, John Mikeal  3 Mar 1894Yadkin County, North Carolina I5854
15 Seagraves, Joseph Charles  20 Aug 1868Yadkin County, North Carolina I4357
16 Seagraves, Lula Victoria  20 Oct 1917Yadkin County, North Carolina I2779
17 Seagraves, Mary Maggieline  8 Mar 1914Yadkin County, North Carolina I2777
18 Seagraves, Patsy Jean  17 Sep 1938Yadkin County, North Carolina I2768
19 Seagraves, Pearl Samantha  19 Nov 1903Yadkin County, North Carolina I6855
20 Seagraves, Pleasant Franklin  6 Aug 1870Yadkin County, North Carolina I2542
21 Seagraves, Robert Lee Sr.  6 Nov 1880Yadkin County, North Carolina I5537
22 Seagraves, Sarah  22 Feb 1890Yadkin County, North Carolina I5139
23 Seagraves, Troy Benjamin  15 Feb 1937Yadkin County, North Carolina I2755
24 Seagraves, William Franklin  6 Apr 1863Yadkin County, North Carolina I5428
25 Seagraves, William Spencer  13 Jan 1913Yadkin County, North Carolina I6864
26 Seagraves, William Webster  30 Apr 1890Yadkin County, North Carolina I4056
27 Seagraves, Zella Mae  8 Jun 1912Yadkin County, North Carolina I2775
28 Swaim, Mary Victoria  19 Aug 1871Yadkin County, North Carolina I2335
29 Wagoner, Lonnie Rufus  28 Aug 1911Yadkin County, North Carolina I2776
30 Wagoner, Ruby Vetral  12 Apr 1913Yadkin County, North Carolina I5435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Collins, Charles Winfield  12 Jun 1982Yadkin County, North Carolina I2781
2 Collins, John Ellis  24 Jun 1981Yadkin County, North Carolina I2780
3 Seagraves, Esther Louvenia  18 Oct 1938Yadkin County, North Carolina I1364
4 Seagraves, James Calvin  13 Nov 1918Yadkin County, North Carolina I1374
5 Seagraves, Lula Elizabeth  5 Apr 1936Yadkin County, North Carolina I1370
6 Seagraves, Martha S.  5 Apr 1937Yadkin County, North Carolina I1369
7 Seagraves, Minnie L.  2 Oct 1960Yadkin County, North Carolina I3067
8 Seagraves, Rachel Sarah  9 Jun 1962Yadkin County, North Carolina I1371
9 Seagraves, Zebedee  8 May 1949Yadkin County, North Carolina I1373
10 Wagoner, Ruby Vetral  10 Feb 2000Yadkin County, North Carolina I5435

Marriage #2

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage #2    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, William  20 Feb 1860Yadkin County, North Carolina I1355


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Race    Person ID 
1 Seagraves, Arthur Garner  10 Jun 1888Yadkin County, North Carolina I2333


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Seagraves / Copley  29 Sep 1906Yadkin County, North Carolina F1836
2 Seagraves / Money  20 Feb 1860Yadkin County, North Carolina F415
3 Seagraves / Sturdivant  23 Mar 1941Yadkin County, North Carolina F1305
4 Swaim / Seagraves  20 Jan 1926Yadkin County, North Carolina F2378