The Seagraves Family

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The North Carolina Settlement

Francis Segraves appears in the records from the late 1690's into the early 1700's in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. 

He is presumed to be the common patrimonial ancestor of all Seagraves throughout the early years in North Carolina and Virginia.  Francisí descendants, primarily through his son William, are believed to have settled around Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina and then migrated across North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee and on into Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and other states throughout the18th and 19th centuries.

It is probable that Francis was born between 1650 and 1670, possibly in England or Ireland but also possibly in Virginia.  His possible date of birth is estimated based on two references:

1)  In January 1696 he proved rights for five persons "transported into Perquimans Precinct, North Carolina....viz: himself, Lucretia his wife, Thomas, his son, Francis, his son, and William Powel".

2)   His will was proved (approved by a court) 22 Jan 1727.

If, as was common, he had married Lucretia at about the age of 20 in 1690 or 1691, they could easily have had the two sons noted above by 1696.  Using an estimated age range of 18 to 25 for a marriage in 1690/91 results in a birth year from 1665 to 1673.  From the date his will was proved, he probably died in late 1726. If he died at an age reasonable for those times: from 50 to 60 years of age; that results in a birth year range from 1666 to 1676.  His birth date based on those assumptions seems more likely to fall into the late 1660s; probably 1667 to 1670.  We have selected 1668 as a useful date for discussion purposes with no other basis and as a good choice at this point until better information comes along.

As to his place of birth, only the DAR Patriot Index listing for Revolutionary War veteran John Seagraves identifies Francis as his ancestor "who came from England".  It is not clear how accurate that information might be.  If it was based on information directly from the named John Seagraves, it might be based on actual family knowledge.  If not, it could be distorted in some way.  Given Francisí possible date of birth, he could easily have been born in America since there were thousands of colonists in southern Virginia by the mid-1600s.  So, no specific place of birth can be determined.

Francis was in Isle of Wight County, Virginia in 1694 since he was listed as a witness to a sale of property there on 24 October 1694.  He must have been an adult (over 16) with property in the community to act as a witness.  If we use his assumed birth date of 1668, he would then have been 25 years old.

The transportation to Perquimans Precinct, North Carolina in January 1696, noted above, does not refer to transportation from Europe, but from Virginia, since Virginia and North Carolina were separately administered, independent colonies at that time and movement of people between them was restricted and controlled. We believe that Francis and his family were in the Colony of Virginia in October 1694 and then moved to the Colony of North Carolina where the following three events occurred as recorded in "North Carolina Wills of 1677-1701" and "Abstract of Record of Wills, Inventories, Settlement of Estates, 1771-1802, Wake County, North Carolina":

1)    On 19 Apr 1697, Francis and Lucretia Segraves of Chowan Precinct, North Carolina are listed as witnesses to the will of Thomas Stasi.

2)    On 20 Sep 1708, Francis Segraves is listed as witness to the will of Nicholas Tyne in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina.

3)    On 9 Apr 1709, Francis Segraves listed as witness to the will of Samuel Eldridge in Chowan Precinct, North Carolina.

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