The Seagraves Family

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New Jersey


Latitude: 40.0583238, Longitude: -74.4056612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARANT, Martilda  Mar 1860New Jersey I3596
2 CHRYSM, Anna Mary  22 Aug 1828New Jersey I2464
3 COOK, Abigail  Abt 1762New Jersey I8269
4 COX, Margaret  Abt 1802New Jersey I1963
5 DEEMER, Alma  18 Oct 1904New Jersey I5915
6 DUBLE, Virginia A.   I7553
7 LNU, Christiana  Abt 1825New Jersey I3263
8 LNU, Dorothy  Abt 1922New Jersey I2025
9 LNU, Harriet  Abt 1810New Jersey I4749
10 LNU, Harriet  Abt 1834New Jersey I1495
11 LNU, Lena W.  12 Oct1906New Jersey I5919
12 LNU, Margaret  1766New Jersey I8274
13 LNU, Mary  Abt 1822New Jersey I2091
14 LNU, Mary  Abt 1830New Jersey I3267
15 LOUNSBERRY, Walker  Est 1780New Jersey I8273
16 LOWF, Mary  Abt 1844New Jersey I8481
17 MILLER, Nora G.  29 Jul 1895New Jersey I2017
18 MORGAN, Mary Emma  Oct 1894New Jersey I7555
19 PRALL, Elizabeth  22 Jul 1878New Jersey I5909
20 ROSEBURY, Hannah  Abt 1800New Jersey I3244
21 SANDERLIN, Eva Linda  1877New Jersey I2241
22 SEAGRAVE, Elizabeth Marie  14 Aug 1926New Jersey I7558
23 SEAGRAVE, George  Nov 1906New Jersey I7014
24 SEAGRAVE, Marion   I7557
25 SEAGRAVE, Mary  Abt 1783New Jersey I8271
26 SEAGRAVE, Sarah  Abt 1785New Jersey I8272
27 SEAGRAVE, Tarver  Abt 1760New Jersey I1281
28 SEAGRAVE, Wilhelmina Z.  10 Jul 1915New Jersey I8293
29 SEAGRAVES, Albert  Abt 1929New Jersey I1479
30 SEAGRAVES, Alpheus Sr.  Abt 1801New Jersey I1962
31 SEAGRAVES, Alpheus Jr.  Abt 1843New Jersey I1967
32 SEAGRAVES, Anderson  Abt 1778New Jersey I2077
33 SEAGRAVES, Andrew  Aug 1859New Jersey I2139
34 SEAGRAVES, Artis  Abt 1758New Jersey I2450
35 SEAGRAVES, Artis  Abt 1795New Jersey I2453
36 SEAGRAVES, Betty  Abt 1929New Jersey I5924
37 SEAGRAVES, Charles  Abt 1841New Jersey I3302
38 SEAGRAVES, Charles P.  16 Dec 1830New Jersey I2463
39 SEAGRAVES, Charlotte  Abt 1837New Jersey I1965
40 SEAGRAVES, Cora Augusta  Abt 1866New Jersey I8483
41 SEAGRAVES, Donald  Abt 1926New Jersey I5916
42 SEAGRAVES, Dorothy E.  Abt 1926New Jersey I5912
43 SEAGRAVES, Edna M.  29 Nov 1884New Jersey I6459
44 SEAGRAVES, Edward H.  Jun 1843New Jersey I4747
45 SEAGRAVES, Elizabeth A.  1880New Jersey I3597
46 SEAGRAVES, Elmer W.  1913New Jersey I2244
47 SEAGRAVES, Elsie A.  25 Oct 1912New Jersey I2018
48 SEAGRAVES, Emeline R.  Abt 1923New Jersey I2023
49 SEAGRAVES, Evon  23 Sep 1920New Jersey I4941
50 SEAGRAVES, Frank Harvey  3 Jul 1901New Jersey I3599

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHRYSM, Anna Mary  4 Jul 1906New Jersey I2464
2 HASSARD, Howard A.  4 Feb 1988New Jersey I2640
3 LNU, Blannie M.  Mar 1976New Jersey I4556
4 LNU, Lena W.  11 Dec 1987New Jersey I5919
5 PRALL, Elizabeth  26 Sep 1932New Jersey I5909
6 SEAGRAVE, Boyd  29 Jan 1996New Jersey I2922
7 SEAGRAVE, Howard Conover  6 May 1942New Jersey I7554
8 SEAGRAVES, Artis P.  21 May 1900New Jersey I2455
9 SEAGRAVES, Earl  Mar 1970New Jersey I4555
10 SEAGRAVES, Elmer W.  26 Apr 1960New Jersey I2244
11 SEAGRAVES, George  1812New Jersey I6491
12 SEAGRAVES, George W.  1853New Jersey I3952
13 SEAGRAVES, Gertrude Baxter  1961New Jersey I3598
14 SEAGRAVES, Robbie Lou  5 Sep 2005New Jersey I2639
15 SEAGRAVES, Thomas  1915New Jersey I3595
16 SEAGRAVES, Walter  21 Nov 1970New Jersey I8291
17 SEGRAVE, John R.  1949New Jersey I7296
18 SHERRER, Mabel M.  21 Jan 1965New Jersey  I5911

Child born

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Child born    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Alpheus Sr.  Abt 1831New Jersey I1962
2 SEAGRAVES, Alpheus Sr.  Abt 1837New Jersey  I1962
3 SEAGRAVES, Alpheus Sr.  Abt 1841New Jersey I1962
4 SEAGRAVES, Alpheus Sr.  Abt 1845New Jersey I1962
5 SEAGRAVES, Alpheus Sr.  Abt 1853New Jersey I1962
6 SEAGRAVES, Alpheus Sr.  Abt 1859New Jersey I1962
7 SEAGRAVES, Anderson  Feb 1821New Jersey I2077

Death notices

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death notices    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Benjamin Shepard  1941New Jersey I2352
2 SEAGRAVES, Robbie Lou  5 Sep 2005New Jersey I2639


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Enlistment    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVE, Christopher Sr.  29 Jul 1862New Jersey I3629

Marriage #1

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage #1    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Artis P.  Abt 1854New Jersey I2455
2 SEAGRAVES, Benjamin Shepard  Abt 1887New Jersey I2352

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Charles  New Jersey I3241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Race    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Albert  1929New Jersey I1479

Tax List

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Tax List    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Artis P.  1864New Jersey I2455


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ladow / Seagrave  1947New Jersey F2761
2 Seagrave / Duble   F2760
3 Seagrave / Morgan  1914New Jersey F2762
4 Seagrave / Wittekind  1912New Jersey F1214
5 Seagraves / Boekel  1905New Jersey F3087
6 Seagraves / Davis  1941New Jersey F3140
7 Seagraves / Miller  Abt 1911New Jersey F623
8 Ward / Seagraves  1906New Jersey F2379