The Seagraves Family

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North Carolina


Latitude: 35.7595731, Longitude: -79.0192997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARKER, Mary  Abt 1790North Carolina I693
2 BARKER, Sarah  9 Mar 1788North Carolina I732
3 BILLINGSLEY, Sarah  1819North Carolina I4464
4 BLALOCK, Snow Hill  23 Nov 1918North Carolina I4879
5 BLEVINS, Lillie  1 Jan 1874North Carolina I2234
6 BOOTH, Reece Benton  11 Nov 1896North Carolina I4863
7 BURNS, Amanda  29 Mar 1836North Carolina I4840
8 CHANEY, Grady Richard  4 Jul 1919North Carolina I8321
9 CLARK, Nancy A.  Abt 1850North Carolina I2094
10 COLLINS, Silvia  Abt 1806North Carolina I1130
11 DAVIS, Emma  Jan 1873North Carolina I8391
12 DEBOARD, Susannah  Abt 1814North Carolina I7708
13 DENNY, Solomon  Abt 1816North Carolina I116
14 DODD, Jemimy  Abt 1815North Carolina I861
15 DUPREE, Helen  29 Jun 1893North Carolina I4874
16 EDWARDS, Elizabeth  Abt 1801North Carolina I851
17 EDWARDS, Permelia Ann  Abt 1817North Carolina I6159
18 FERRELL, Beulah  30 Apr 1914North Carolina I5846
19 FREEMAN, Mariah J.  Oct 1833North Carolina I3040
20 GLOVER, George Allen  20 Nov 1919North Carolina I4411
21 HAHN, Lizzie Odessa  8 Sep 1904North Carolina I4880
22 HAMILTON, Charlotte  Abt 1790North Carolina I843
23 HAYWOOD, Willie Agnus  4 Oct 1908North Carolina I3100
24 HOLLEMAN, Mary Ann  Mar 1846North Carolina I2444
25 HOLT, Ida McPheters  24 May 1877North Carolina I84
26 HORNE, Elzada L.  1869North Carolina I1464
27 HOUGH, Sadie  5 Mar 1894North Carolina I7597
28 IVEY, Floyda  23 Apr 1881North Carolina I5841
29 JACOBS, George W.  18 Dec 1902North Carolina I5852
30 JARREL, Nancy  Abt 1817North Carolina I1200
31 JOHNSON, Della  Abt 1853North Carolina I3145
32 JONES, Millie A.  31 Aug 1880North Carolina I3162
33 JONES, Vester  25 Jun 1922North Carolina I6867
34 LAWRENCE, Joseph D.  13 Sep 1871North Carolina I6166
35 LAWRENCE, Malcy Ann  Abt 1844North Carolina I6162
36 LAWS, Martha  Oct 1814North Carolina I1037
37 LAWS, Nancy  Abt 1827North Carolina I1256
38 LEWIS, Lessie Pearl  28 Dec1888North Carolina I6441
39 LNU, Beatrice  Abt 1904North Carolina I5803
40 LNU, Civil  Abt 1845North Carolina I3342
41 LNU, Frances  Abt 1916North Carolina I2486
42 LNU, Geneva  Abt 1904North Carolina I2425
43 LNU, Jane  Jul 1846North Carolina I1511
44 LNU, Jane W.  Abt 1814North Carolina I1152
45 LNU, Martha  Abt 1884North Carolina I3977
46 LNU, Mary C.  Abt 1833North Carolina I1289
47 LNU, Nancy J.  May 1872North Carolina I2427
48 LNU, Polly  Abt 1826North Carolina I1409
49 LNU, Rebecca  Abt 1812North Carolina I1279
50 MCDANIELS, Rebecca Ann  Abt 1942North Carolina I2756

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURNS, Amanda  24 May 1910North Carolina I4840
2 CLARK, Nancy A.  1942North Carolina I2094
3 HOLLEMAN, Mary Ann  19 Aug 1928North Carolina I2444
4 LAWRENCE, Joseph D.  3 Dec 1938North Carolina I6166
5 RIGSBEE, Samuel Guilford  15 Feb 1988North Carolina I6471
6 ROSSER, Mollie L.  17 Dec 1935North Carolina I2480
7 SEAGRAVES, Andrew  15 Dec 1996North Carolina I2193
8 SEAGRAVES, Edward Jackson  Abt 1944North Carolina I3324
9 SEAGRAVES, John F.  29 Sep 1900North Carolina I4842
10 SEAGRAVES, Lassie Sr.  1 Mar 1965North Carolina I2096
11 SEAGRAVES, Lattie  18 Jun 1913North Carolina I2097
12 SEAGRAVES, Laura Jane  8 Dec 1904North Carolina I3814
13 SEAGRAVES, Lindsey Paschall Jr.  22 May 2007North Carolina I6456
14 SEAGRAVES, Lula  Abt 1899North Carolina I6438
15 SEAGRAVES, Paul Franklin  24 May 1995North Carolina I2884
16 SEAGRAVES, Shirley Jo  15 Sep 2010North Carolina I3502
17 SEAGRAVES, William  Early 1835North Carolina I768
18 SEAGRAVES, William H. C.  14 Mar 1895North Carolina I848
19 SEAGRAVES, William Thomas  14 Jan 1944North Carolina I2479


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, William Spencer  North Carolina I6864

Child born

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Child born    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Abel  Before 1830North Carolina I1
2 SEAGRAVES, Abel  Apr 1830North Carolina I1
3 SEAGRAVES, Abel  May 1833North Carolina I1
4 SEAGRAVES, Abel  About 1835North Carolina I1
5 SEAGRAVES, Abel  About 1838North Carolina I1
6 SEAGRAVES, Abel  May 1842North Carolina I1
7 SEAGRAVES, Abel  About 1845North Carolina I1
8 SEAGRAVES, Abel  26 Jun 1845North Carolina I1
9 SEAGRAVES, Anderson W.  Abt 1890North Carolina I2092
10 SEAGRAVES, Anderson W.  Abt 1895North Carolina I2092
11 SEAGRAVES, Anderson W.  Abt 1895North Carolina I2092
12 SEAGRAVES, Anderson W.  Abt 1897North Carolina I2092
13 SEAGRAVES, Artemus  Jun 1896North Carolina I2440
14 SEAGRAVES, Artemus  About 1903North Carolina I2440
15 SEAGRAVES, Artemus  About 1906North Carolina I2440
16 SEAGRAVES, Artemus  About 1909North Carolina I2440
17 SEAGRAVES, Jessee W.  Abt 1859North Carolina I3
18 SEAGRAVES, Jessee W.  23 Jan 1863North Carolina I3
19 SEAGRAVES, Jessee W.  Mar 1872North Carolina I3
20 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
21 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
22 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
23 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
24 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
25 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
26 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
27 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
28 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
29 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
30 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
31 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
32 SEAGRAVES, John   I1129
33 SEAGRAVES, Littleton B.  Abt 1844North Carolina I694
34 SEAGRAVES, Littleton B.  Abt 1848North Carolina I694
35 SEAGRAVES, Littleton B.  Abt 1871North Carolina I694
36 SEAGRAVES, Littleton B.  Abt 1875North Carolina I694
37 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  11 Apr 1853North Carolina I1251
38 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  About 1854North Carolina I1251
39 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  7 Jun 1855North Carolina I1251
40 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  15 Feb 1857North Carolina I1251
41 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  31 Jan 1858North Carolina I1251
42 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  19 Apr 1861North Carolina I1251
43 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  Oct 1864North Carolina I1251
44 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  28 Feb 1877North Carolina I1251
45 SEAGRAVES, William Jackson  About 1845North Carolina I1397
46 SEAGRAVES, William Jackson  About 1849North Carolina I1397
47 SEAGRAVES, William Jackson  About 1852North Carolina I1397
48 SEAGRAVES, William Jackson  About 1854North Carolina I1397
49 SEAGRAVES, William Jackson  About 1856North Carolina I1397
50 SEAGRAVES, William Jackson  May 1865North Carolina I1397

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Death notices

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death notices    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  29 May 1858North Carolina I1251
2 SEAGRAVES, William  early 1835North Carolina I768


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Enlistment    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Jacob  1778North Carolina I659
2 SEAGRAVES, John Sr.  1777North Carolina I643
3 SEAGRAVES, John Franklin  1861-1863North Carolina I1164
4 SEAGRAVES, Rufus S.  12 Feb 1862North Carolina I844

Marriage #1

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage #1    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Gilbert (Gil 1)  Abt 1816North Carolina I85
2 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  About 1844North Carolina I1251

Marriage #2

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Marriage #2    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Seaborn Sr.  2 Mar 1858North Carolina I1251


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Migration    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, Henry (Gil 2)  Abt 1839-40North Carolina I113

Pension Claim

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Pension Claim    Person ID 
1 SEAGRAVES, John Sr.  1818North Carolina I643


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Race    Person ID 
1 LNU, Nancy J.  May 1872North Carolina I2427
2 SEAGRAVES, Alfred C.  1883North Carolina I1712
3 SEAGRAVES, Alphonso  Abt 1932North Carolina I1999
4 SEAGRAVES, Anderson W.  Abt 1857North Carolina I2092
5 SEAGRAVES, Andrew  9 Oct 1927North Carolina I2193
6 SEAGRAVES, Arthur H.  Abt 1867North Carolina I2309
7 SEAGRAVES, William  Apr 1898North Carolina I2424


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sagraves / LNU   F2999
2 Seagraves / Freeman  Abt 1844North Carolina F390
3 Seagraves / LNU  Abt 1831North Carolina F395
4 Seagraves / LNU  Abt 1934North Carolina F780